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General Site Rules
  • This site will only archive stories written as part of Slashy Santa-related fiction exchanges. If you wish to participate in a future exchange, please return to the home page and sign up for our announcement newsletter.
  • Slashy Santa exchanges are Fictional Person Slash only! No RPF, please!
  • Please apply any applicable content warnings to your stories. This is particularly important for extreme content such as rape, MPREG, kink, and non-canonical character death.


  • Please do NOT use the text upload function unless you are uploading a plain .txt file with html. If you use the upload function to upload a Microsoft Word document or .RTF file, it will include all sorts of junky code that will create weird spacing and formatting errors which the Admin must then remove, thus defeating the entire purpose of making this a self-uploading site!
  • Please use CUT-AND-PASTE to add your story to the STORY TEXT field.
  • You may use either a plain .txt file with your own html, or you may use our handy TinyMCE text editor to add any bolding, italics, underlining, etc. It works just like MS Word! Easy-peasy!
  • The old HTML header is now redundant, as the submission form provides a place to put all the pertinent information EXCEPT for Beta. I'm working on a solution for this, but in the mean time, please THANK YOUR BETA somewhere in the story notes, chapter notes, or end notes.
  • Any questions or problems, please email