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Relatively young, Írimion (the future Tar-Meneldur) begins work on his tower at Sorontil.  He enlists the aid of a stone-mason, Minardil Gonhiriôn, and as they work, a fast friendship develops.  Through a series of fits and starts and separations, they come to learn that they care deeply for one another and after Írimion’s journey throughout Númenor, he returns and cements their love with a startling revelation of his own. Written for Thevinia.

Rated: Explicit content
Categories: 2009 My Slashy Valentine
Characters: Original Character(s), Other character(s): Silmarillion
Genres: Drama
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
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Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 7832 Read: 11888
Published: February 05, 2009 Updated: February 14, 2009
Story Notes:

Many, many thanks to Elfscribe5 who provided encouragement, and beta’d this story as near as to perfection as could be.  Her additions and recommendations enhanced the story greatly.  She also provided the name of the OMC – Minardil, which means “tower friend.”  His father’s name, Gonhir, means “master of stone.”  And I would like to thank my requestor, who provided the opportunity for me to research a completely new place and time in Tolkien’s world.  It was incredibly fun and interesting to do so.

1. Lodestar by Ennorwen [ - ] (7832 words)