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Written for Alexcat for the 2010 My Slashy Valentine Exchange

Beta: aglarien tried, but I changed next to everything thereafter, so all mistakes are entirely mine.

Author's Notes: I apologise for the lack of humour despite the explicit request for it. My humour gene is somewhat suppressed lately, but I promise to rewrite when my brain is finally in its place and well-healed. The story is also probably disjointed for the same reason.... Happy Valentine's Day (I hope I haven't ruined it...) 

Summary: A snapshot caught between reality and the fiction that newspapers are made of.

Categories: 2010 My Slashy Valentine
Círdan, Gil-galad
Genres: Fluff
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Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1512
Published: February 13, 2010 Updated: February 14, 2010